The GARANGO Foundation

We believe in small initiatives that have an immediate effectiveness on the progress of the common people. Our objective is not a stunt or a media spectacle. No large scaled happenings that forces you to be generous. We donate – and to be honest, we don’t even notice – a small amount of money every month which we transfer automatically via the bank.
Our assignment is the one of the sower. Garango and its environment will harvest.

You can help the Garango foundation too by donating a small amount of money - €5, €10, €15, … every month- automatically transferred via the bank. People who donate 40 or more every year, receive a certificate to deduce this from their taxes. Our assignment is a long-term project. We set up this project as a long-term commitment to the people of Garango, Samando, Ouamné and Léda to ensure their future.
Also our help to Garango’s orphanage with the financial adoptions is long-lasting and supports families that raise and take care of an orphan in the best possible circumstances.
If they can continue this work they will develop and create a better future for their community.
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