Primary schools with about 700 pupils who are being taught how to read, write and calculate
- Garango
- Samando (outback villages about  25km from Garango) 11°53'18,90"N - 0°28'59,02"W
- Ouamné (outback villages about 17km from Garango) 11°46'43,45"N - 0°28'54,70"W
- Léda (outback villages about 21km from Garango)

Domestic science and sowing school:
In the C.A.P. C.C. (Centre d’Aptitude Professionnelle en Coupe et Couture) in Garango
The school is ready! Since October 2012 the school provides courses in a very intensive way!
Secondary school with today already 90 pupils!
Lycée Saint Damien

On 6 February 2016 was the "Lycée Saint Damien the Garango" solemnly opened! Today there are 250 pupils!
Atelier CAP. CC: In use!
Well and water tower: ready!
Léda: Dispensarium and maternity READY!
Léda: The secondary school started in Ocober 2020 with 61 pupils!

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