In 1963 Florentine Van Espen arrived with the AFI (Association Fraternelle International) to the former Upper – volta – now known as Burkina Faso) as a development-aid worker.

Through years of persistent efforts she has managed to organize education – primary schools not only in Garango but also in Samando and Ouamné (outback villages near Garango), C.A.P. C.C. (Centre d’Aptitude Professionnelle en Coupe et Couture), domestic science schools for girls, in which the girls not only master a number of practical skills but also learn how to manage and organize a family.
The realization that the computer era began a while ago, gave Florentine the idea that Garango and its surroundings cannot stay behind. The computer school is ready.
To create the opportunity for girls to prepare for higher education and university Florentine build the "Lycée Saint Damien de Garango". In October 2015 100 pupils started classes!
In the meantime the construction of a workarea for girls that finished their formation in the CAP.CC (Sewingschool) is finished! For the Lyceum a well is drilled and a water-tower is installed.
In 2018 a dispensarium and a maternity was build in the village Léda. In 2019 the construction of a secondary school has started!

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